Fancy A Tipple

The perfect G&T tasting tipple!

Gin is by far the Drink of the moment. For good reason too, the varieties are endless; from a classic London dry to an oak aged, a milky Irish tipple to a pink hued raspberry infused, the list goes on and on.

Our tastings will take you through 5 types of gin all served with full garnish and premium tonic water - when needed.

Tipple Choices Sample Menu: £30 per person, minimum 10 Persons.

  • Oliver Cromwell London Dry - A Classic Dry Gin served with a lime twist.
  • Two Birds Old Tom - A sweeter, rounder Victorian style of gin, served with a wedge of orange
  • Brockmans - A contemporary berry infused dry gin, served with grapefruit and crushed blueberries
  • Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger - A flavoured gin liqueur best served with a stick of rhubarb and raspberries.
  • Darnley's View Spiced - A unique dry gin with a swirl of Asian spices, served with a slice of mango and a cube of cucumber.

Tipple Bespoke Tasting Sample Menu: £50 per person, minimum 10 Persons.

  • Star of Bombay - Bombay Sapphire's premium gin, made by a more refined method, creating a clean, aromatic profile. Served with a thin orange peel garnish
  • Monkey 47 - A unique German Gin from the Black Forest, made with 47 botanicals and its 47%, hence the name. Served with red currants and a sprig of rosemary.
  • Bertha's Revenge - An Irish milk gin, the first distilled from whey, which gives it a rounder mouth feel and an almost savoury and spice character. Best served on it's own.
  • Pinkster - A dry aromatic, floral gin with a hint of raspberries, always served with a “Boozy Berry”.
  • Dictador Colombian Treasure - The very definition of a sipping gin, this has been rested in rum barrels to give it a swirling tropical character and amber colour - served neat, on the rocks.

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