Fancy A Tipple

Add to that Special Occasion

Any occasion can be turned into a Special Occasion, just by adding a bit of sparkle. The Tipple bar is that magical bit of sparkle, appearing on the day and only 40 minutes later serving your guests their first drink.

From birthdays to bonfire parties, weddings to corporate entertaining we can provide you with what you need. That no fuss, no mess solution to make sure you can relax and enjoy the moment with your friends, family or clients. We will do the hard work!

Tipple has done Summer Balls in the pouring rain, Corporate BBQ's in the courtyard's, private parties, markets, bonfire parties in the middle of a field - we can adapt to your situation.

Tipple can come fully stocked or "dry" for you to stock yourselves. It will always be staffed, clean and on time!

Tipple comes with a gazebo to help keep you all warm and dry, a must really with the wonderful British weather!!

Plastic glasses are used however we can hire in glass if you require, this will come as an extra cost. Anything is possible with Tipple!

Booking fees apply with tipple and depend upon mileage, starting at £125 for the day. This is non refundable and not put against the drinks bill.

To book an event please click here to fill in your requirements.