Fancy a Tipple?

Fancy A Tipple was created when 3 friends decided they wanted to add an extra sparkle to a normal event. Thinking about what would be practical, fun and a head turner while driving to the Lake District one Easter Monday to take the dogs for a walk we passed a horse trailer. This horse trailer was old school it had horses in it. An idea formed, if we chopped up that bit, took out the middle and added this, that and the other we could have a quirky little mobile bar...

2 months later we welcomed Fancy A Tipple into the world of Markets, Parties, Weddings, Gin & Wine tastings and much, much more.

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Wedding Bar

Fancy a Wedding Bar?

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G&T Tasting Tipple

The Perfect G&T Tasting Tipple!

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Who Are We?

Sarah Botham

Director of Fancy A Tipple, Sola Events Ltd & owner of Los Pepes Bar & Restaurant in Almeria, Spain

Darren Shield

Director of Fancy A Tipple & Owner/Manager of Vesuvio Wine Bar, Houndgate Darlington

Jude McCourt

Director of Fancy A Tipple and presenter for the Post Code Lottery.